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Search Categories

Searches the database and returns categories matching the given criteria.

Categories are in a tree structure which you can explore on the Find Events page.

Example Request,name,children)

Example Response

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<error>An error occurred</error>


The following parameters are available along with the common parameters.


Only return results which are a descendent of this category id.

Specify multiple IDs by separating them with a comma (,).


Only return results where are a descendent of the category specified by this URL slug

Specify multiple URL slugs by separating them with a comma (,).


An integer specifying the number of child levels to include in the children element of the returned results. For example specifying 1 (which is the default) would include only the matching categories without a children element. Specifying levels=2 would include the matching results and their immediate children. Specifying levels=3 would include the matching results, their immediate children and their immediate children's children, i.e. three generations.

A side effect of specifying levels greater than 1 is that the first level will also have a parents element. The parents element includes a collection of category elements which are ancestors of the category with the most immediate ancestors first.


Specify the order the results should be in. Possible values are

  • name

If nothing is specified they are sorted by Eventfinda's default order.