Genre: Orchestra

Country of Origin: Singapore

The Augusta Symphony Orchestra was founded shortly after World War I with the orchestra itself being the only performing musical group. Years later the organization added a Jazz Band, a Chorus, and a Wind Ensemble and the name was changed to Augusta Symphony Organization since it no longer consisted of orchestra only. Eventually the name was changed to the Kennebec Performing Arts Company.
A few years ago the Chamber Singers, which had previously existed as a separate group, was taken into the organization giving a total of five performing groups.

At one point participation in the orchestra of the Kennebec Performing Arts Company dwindled to the point that the orchestra was dropped for a brief period of time.

It was at this time that a few of the musicians who had played in the orchestra began an effort to identify and recruit orchestra players to reestablish an orchestra which would bring live orchestral musical performances back to Augusta and the surrounding area. Starting with a few string players getting together informally in a Gardiner church basement, the group gradually expanded to the beginnings of a newly rejuvenated orchestra.

Now in its fourth season the Orchestra has become a separate IRS 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation and is no longer a part of the Kennebec Performing Arts Company organizational structure. The Augusta Symphony Orchestra continues its close working relationship with the Kennebec Performing Arts Company of which it is both ancestor and descendant.