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Our logo is the most recognisable element of our identity so it’s vital that it’s always applied consistently wherever it appears. The following shows how the logo should be used on various backgrounds.

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Logo Sizing

Our logo needs room to breathe. A minimum clearspace is required around the logo as defined by the ‘X’ value. In print applications our logo can be scaled down to a minimum width of 35mm. For on-screen viewing a width of 120 pixels is the minimum application size..

Incorrect Logo Usage

Care should be taken not to modify, distort, embellish or incorrectly apply our logo.

Application with Partner logos

At times it's necessary to include a partner or subsidiary logo with our logo. The size relationship should follow the same method as the previous spacing rules.

Primary Colours

Our primary brand colours – purple, violet and orange, combine to reinforce the Eventfinda identity.

Eventfinda Purple

C 88  M 100  Y 0  K 0


PMS 2104 C

C 88  M 100  Y 0  K 30


PMS 2745 C

Eventfinda Violet

C 55  M 75  Y 0  K 0


PMS 2083 C

C 70  M 90  Y 0  K 00


PMS 268 C

Eventfinda Orange

C 0  M 75  Y 80  K 0


PMS 1645 C

C 0  M 90  Y 95  K 0


PMS 172 C

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