Love Stories – Eva Armisen's Solo Exhibition

Spanish artist, Eva Armisen, will be in Singapore for her first solo exhibition, Love Stories, with Ode to Art gallery and for the inaugural launch of OLA Executive Condominium which is developed by Evia Real Estate and Gamuda Land come February 2020.

Focusing on family portraits, this series of work spans three generations and includes family pets, suggesting the significance of familial bond and time spent together. Based in Barcelona, Eva is instantly recognised through her child-like, but never childish, works. With a focus on capturing daily lives, Eva takes the mundane and habitual and transforms them into vivid representations of mindful living.

The portrayal of families is common as her works revolve around family, love, and togetherness. Characters are often depicted either having a meal in the dining room or posing as though having their pictures taken. By looking at Eva's paintings, viewers will feel as though they have been given a rare peek into the private life of another family.

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