Genre: Reggae

Country of Origin: Singapore

Still Flyin’ is an American Indie Pop band based in San Francisco, founded in 2004 by Sean Rawls. The band is based on the song “Never Gonna Touch the Ground”, a song that Rawls wrote and performed in a prior band, Je Suis France. After moving to San Francisco, Rawls recorded the song, which took on a life of its own resulting in the creation of Still Flyin’. The chorus of the song, “Still Flyin’, never gonna touch the ground” was the source of the band’s name as well as its debut album and title track. Still Flyin's sound is generally classified as reggae or rocksteady. However, the band has coined its own term to classify its sound and outlook: hammjamm, which is loosely defined as "when a good time gets better" and with lifestyle ramifications involving "friends, beers, high fives, parties and enjoying life to the fullest". - Wikipedia