Rachel Farley

Genre: Country

Country of Origin: Singapore

achel Farley bleeds so much life into the songs she writes and performs that you’d swear she was at least twice her age. The 17 year old possesses a maturity and composure that far belies her age. She’s been dreaming of becoming an artist practically since she was born, and has spent most of those years trying to make that dream happen. And the release of her debut CD, “The Truth,” proves those years were not spent in vain.

The Georgia native is a fascinating study in contrasts, no doubt. It could have something to do with that wide range of influences she picked up growing up in a household listening to all types of music, from Pink to Patsy Cline. Or the fact that by the time she was 13, she was on the road playing 100 shows a year with just her guitar. But call it what you want -- the girl can sing. And for her, there was never a question about her calling in life. - Official website