Genre: Orchestra

Country of Origin: Singapore

The Asheville Symphony was established in 1960. At that time, all musicians performed on a volunteer basis and the Symphony was without a resident conductor or manager.

Between 1960 and 1970, the Symphony grew in size, a part time resident manager and conductor were hired, paid guest artists were introduced, choral and youth ensembles were formed, a Symphony Guild was formed, a regular season with subscription sales was developed, and the concerts were moved from school and church auditoriums to the 2,354 seat Thomas Wolfe Auditorium. Funding for the Symphony was basically limited to ticket sales, contributions and Guild fund-raising efforts. In 1977, all musicians were paid for the first time, and the first meaningful foundation grant of $10,000 was received. The budget at that time was $40,000.

In 1978, the first full time manager was hired, and in 1980, the first resident, full-time conductor was brought to Asheville. With the new conductor, Robert Hart Baker, the orchestra grew dramatically both in size and quality. Dr. Baker left the orchestra in June of 2004. After a two year search and audition process, Daniel Meyer was hired as the new Music Director in December 2004.