Genre: Rock

7 Seconds of Love are an English ska/2 Tone band, fronted by musician and animator Joel Veitch that writes and plays songs with often nonsensical lyrics. Veitch animates many videos of the band's songs, such as "Ninja" and "First Drink of the Day". Some songs have had videos directed by guitarist Pat Schulenburg, such as their most recent production "Twister". The band regularly tours the United Kingdom. The animations are available on Veitch's website and the band's site.
The band's first official single was "Twister" as an iTunes exclusive, and they then released "Love Me Like You Used To" and "Ninja" as a double A-side single. Originally the MP3's of these tunes were available free, but these are new, fully re-recorded versions available for sale.
The song "Soupy George" has also inspired fans of the band to turn up at gigs wearing soup cans (either real, empty tins of soup or artistic representations) on their heads.
The band's debut album, Danger is Dangerous, was released in September 2008. - Wikipedia