44 Leningrad

Genre: Folk

44 Leningrad (also called "Four Four Leningrad") is a folk-punk band (Russian speed folk) from Potsdam .
In 1990 the band founded in Potsdam and is one of the first representatives of the post-Soviet-punks. The music is a mix of Russian folk music, polka, punk and ska music. The repertoire consists of mostly fast-Russian war, economics and labor songs . On their albums from 1994 are given all the titles in Russian and German. Is sung in German and Russian. The instruments are in addition to bass , guitar and drums and trumpet , accordion and the balalaika used.
On the album Don Kilianov were recorded mainly original compositions, but their lyrics are based on the texts of Russian folklore. Thus, the text of the song song Julitschka based on the text of the song Ochi tschernyje (black eyes), Moryak contains passages from the folk song Po moryam i po volnam is (on the seas and the waves) and the text of non-wind from the Russian folk song No ne veter vetku klonit (but not the wind tends to branch). - Wikipedia