10 Rue Dla Madelaine

Genre: Rock

10 Rue d'la Madeleine is a group of alternative rock of Nimes , in the region France 's Languedoc-Roussillon . 10 Rue d'la Madeleine arises between the years 2001 and 2002 , as a result of the binding partners of University, from Nimes and Marseille . This is Bill Nuggets, Brad Bronstein, Andy Burke, Mike Flanagan, Peter Goldberg and Eddy "Ed" Flint. Just the address of the apartment where they lived has been named to the group. He later moved permanently to Nimes and began collaborating with the Collective Rakan (Rassemblement des Associations et Artistiques Kulturelles Nîmoises: Alliance of cultural and artistic associations of Nimes). - Wikipedia