Professionals in various lines of work have endless ideas floating through their minds, but what happens when they try to convey them through written words? There is a struggle at times to effectively get the buy-in from your audience, and that is what you want to avoid in an ever-changing business landscape.

Develop the professional communication skills that will help you and your team to excel in writing effective business correspondences.

After the workshop, you will be able to:
- understand the fundamentals of business writing
- write in a professional manner
- learn to avoid common mistakes in writing
- write in a courteous and complete manner that will satisfy your reader
- create messages that are clear and concise
- less is more – without the loss of quality
- further develop your writing for more specialised documents
- gain greater confidence by becoming more convincing, credible and effective in your communication

What you will learn:
- Importance of effective business writing skills
- Common errors to avoid
- Defining the purpose of your message

Avoid making assumptions
- Choose concrete and familiar words
- Beware of obsolete and flowery languages
- Put action in your verb

Clarity and word choice
- Eliminate unnecessary jargon
- Choose the language that achieves your goal (of writing)

Style and tone
- Writing with a ‘YOU’ attitude – what it means to be focused on your reader
- Be empathic, sincere, tactful and thoughtful
- Confidence in a polite tone

Writing concisely
- Eliminate redundant and wordy expressions
- Include only the relevant information
- Avoid unnecessary repetition

Usage of proper grammar
- Learn to do proper content editing
- Choose the correct words and phrases
- Proofreading

Building rapport with your reader
- How to empathise with your customers
- Build trust and relationship through your writing
- Improve your credibility through your style of writing

Format in Business Writing
- How to write proper subject lines
- Improve readability for your audience
- Use appropriate sentence structure and paragraphs

Correct writing style
- Writing up, across and down

Ensure completeness
- Provide only the necessary information
- How to tend to queries when you do not have all the answers
- Go the extra mile

Who Should Attend?
Managers, executives and professionals who need to develop the skills of writing effective business letters, e-mails, memos, reports and proposals.

An interactive method will be used throughout the course, which comprises of lectures, group discussions and hands-on exercises.