Pan Yue Solo Exhibition – Private Theatre

Art Seasons is pleased to present Pan Yue 3rd solo exhibition in Art Seasons, titled “Private Theatre”. Born in 1968 in Beijing, China, Pan Yue graduated from the famous Central Academy of Fine Art, Beijing. Pan Yue has since participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions, in galleries, museums and institutions in China and worldwide.

Exhibition Preface

In the modern context of art, can sex and politics be placed together? Just one of the themes, is already a big taboo in some countries. I do not care about the problems of the art itself. I do not care about the contents of the art itself. I am more interested in the resistance to art itself. Art should be and will be always be free and independence. Artists will flourish and excel, when there is a force and resistance to “what you can do” and “what you cannot do” in art.

I am always interested in history in art. I do not find the current modern and contemporary art interesting to me. In my works, I liked to go back to the classic, the history itself, to develop my work and rebuilding it with new meanings relevant to the current state of mind and reality. As for the sex in art, this in today’s context is not a problem.

Some critics and historians said that art should be irrelevant to politics, but I disagreed. I borrowed a famous Ai Weiwei's argument and he said, “This sentence itself is political”. Politics is everywhere, sex is everywhere, and art is also everywhere. If existence is a reasonable, then non-existence is also unreasonable.

The event is taking place at the Art Seasons Gallery.

For enquiries please contact:
Sho Ann +65 97722144

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