Managing Your Angry Teen – A Primer for Parents

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Restrictions: All ages

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How do you feel when your teen has temper tantrums?
What happens when your teen `talks back' to you?
What happens when your teen has `emo’ spells?
Do you feel that your teen has lost respect for you?
Do you feel you are at your wits’ end?

Workshop Objectives
Adolescence is a period of tremendous change as teens transition from childhood and adulthood. It is a period of turmoil characterized by rapid biological, psychological and interpersonal changes. Hence, it is not surprising that different types of psychological problems are manifested during adolescence. Inevitably, there is a significant impact on family dynamics.

This workshop seeks to help parents address the above issues by building family management skills and interventions. It also seeks to help parents understand the intricacies of adolescent physical, cognitive as well as emotional and social development.

Understanding Your Teen: Psychosocial facts about adolescence
Understanding Yourself: Learn about Parenting Styles and its implications
Understand rights: As a parent, you have your rights, but so has your teen
Changing your response to Your Teen: What you can do when your teen misbehaves
Discipline: How Can I discipline my teen? Is discipline the same as punishment?