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Thu Feb 26 2015, 11:00am–5:00pm
Fri Feb 27 2015, 11:00am–8:00pm
Sat Feb 28 2015, 11:00am–8:00pm
Sun Mar 1 2015, 11:00am–8:00pm

Where: The Artrium, Mica Building, Old Police Statio, 140 Hill Street, Clarke Quay, Singapore

Restrictions: All ages

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Subina Aurora Khaneja


black is not a colour : : in nature
Abstractions in nature leading from the form to the formless and the statement that black is not a colour in nature created a fascination with depths and tones of black and its manifestation with different colours.

Subina Aurora Khaneja will exhibit her first solo collection at The ARTrium, Mica Building from 28 Feb to 1 Mar, 2015.

“A practice of abstractions in nature started my journey in creating art and called to my need of understanding the self; and the relationship of our physical world with our inner nature. The simultaneous study of the philosophies of life through vedic and western schools of thought influences my work. I am driven by a need to explore the medium to give me answers to my question ‘Who I am’ and what is our world construct,” explains Subina Aurora Khaneja, of what drives her work.

Starting with pastels initially, studying and working with oils inspired her and the potential to explore rhythms and patterns of nature with them fascinated her. Working with art teachers over the last 10 years to learn mediums and methods, she has come back a full circle to find her own voice with all their valuable insights and inputs into technique.
In her oils on canvas, she explores the fluidity of the medium and her work leans towards automatism, as she tries to break beyond the conscious mind and reach that which lies beyond the self-created motivations and boundaries.

She says “It is interesting when we start questioning who we are… and the energies that are required to question the currently existing order of the world around us.
“Sometimes I approach the canvas with my mind in Canvas state… as blank as the canvas. Without any preconceived idea of what I am doing. My attempt is to retain that thinkless state for as long as I can. It usually ends as soon as someone sees the work and asks… what is this. Then I have to think. Because I think therefore I am! And everyone wants to make sense… some sense… any sense of what I am doing! Some idea or pattern must exist.
But I am trying to find That. That state of consciousness and existence before we knew what was what.”

Currently her work is showing at the Gillman Barracks as a part of DRIVE, a public Art Festival of the Singapore Tourism Board's kickstarter programme, culminating in the Art Week in January 2015. Her piece ‘Iam’ combines poetic and artistic interpretation of her vision of the concepts of existence and thought. Previously she has participated in group exhibitions with James R. F. Holdsworth in SIFAS and with Block 42.

This is her first solo exhibition and it presents meditations and mediations on Mounth Kailah which she visited in 2012 after her fathers death. In exploring the mountains, and its signature landscape, she was drawn to the portrayal of its ridges and lines in its physical juxtapoxition with its place in vedic heritage as the pinnacle of pilgrimages for seekers of the eternal truth. Definative shapes in boundless space and the compulsion to never use black in landscapes created further explorations in the depths and tones of black and its manifestation with different colours.

Subina Aurora Khaneja
Solo Art Exhibition

26 Feb-1 Mar 2015 . the ARTrium
Old Hill Street Police Station . MICA Buliding

6.00pm-8.00pm . Thursday, 26 Feb : Preview (By Invitation)
11.00am-1pm . Friday, 27 Feb : Meet the artist. A Special Event for Indian Women’s Association
4pm-8pm . Friday, 27 Feb : Meet the Artist. Drop in for CONVERSATIONS . OPEN HOUSE
1pm-3pm . Saturday, 28 Feb : Dedication to Chinmaya Mission
11am-1pm . Sunday, 1 Mar : Meet the Artist. Drop in for CONVERSATIONS . OPEN HOUSE
6pm-8pm . Sunday, 1 Mar : Meet the Artist. A Special Event for SRCC Alumni

For information about the artist and the art exhibition:; Call: 93395659