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Sat Sep 19 2015, 2:00pm–4:00pm

Where: The Golden Space, 418 Race Course Road, Little India

Restrictions: R21


Listed by: kittydowner

Live life and make decision without thinking? How my Compass has helped me find my path.

Life is full of changes and surprises. We are presented with many major life decisions to make. Some are more difficult than others. When change is upon us, we feel uneasy if not afraid, to choose the unknown. Familiarity becomes our best friend even when the job or home or relationship no longer serves us. Anything that doesn’t work is still better than anything that we don’t know.

Life is not a struggle. We struggle when we don’t listen to ourselves. We only feel the need to be in control when life is out of sync. Living life and making decision doesn’t always involve logical thinking, or any thinking. The mind is to help us survive in the practical world that we live in, the heart is to guide us in choosing what life we want to live. Quitting a job for no job, moving from a home for no home, anything is possible and doable if it feels right. Decisions don’t have to be logical. Questions don’t always have answers. Sometime, we have to go with the flow, go with what feels right. The only true home is within us. That’s liberation.

When we live with our own Compass, we change from a head person to a heart person; from being concerned about who we are, what we are and where we are to just Be. We learn to live in our physical world with a sense of detachment. We can then become simpler, brighter and lighter. Our happiness is no longer linked to the external world. Our ego no longer plays its games with us. But most of all, we learn to trust and embrace the unknown. There are choices but no choices in life, as there is really just one path that rings truth in us. And that path has do definitive road.

The flow in my life has taken me to various high and low points, and now I know that I am here to share my experience and to reach out to those who are going through a similar journey and those who are about to start their own journey. My Compass has given me the strength to follow what I didn’t know I was following, but felt blindly that I should. My Compass has given me a sense of inner peace and inner space, tuning me into the life that speaks silently within me. My being has changed and evolved as I have changed and evolved. We are one.

How I am able to listen to choices that are meant for me. How I am able to listen to my inner clock to know when to do what. I have learned to flow. I would like to share these experiences with you and show you how to be the flow in your life.

*This event is for women only. For bookings and further information please contact The Golden Space directly.