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Cantonese Opera Classic Excerpts by Foshan Cantonese Opera


Sun Sep 27 2015, 5:00pm–7:30pm

Where: Esplanade Theatre, 1 Esplanade Drive, Marina Bay, Singapore

Restrictions: All ages

Ticket Information:

  • Standard: $20.00
  • Standard: $38.00
  • Standard: $48.00
  • Standard: $58.00
  • Standard: $68.00
  • Additional fees may apply

Performed in Cantonese with English and Chinese surtitles.

The Foshan Cantonese Opera troupe performs seven classic excerpts from the Cantonese Opera repertoire, showcasing the beauty, elegance and vitality of the art that has made it a popular Chinese Opera genre.

Defeating Zhou Yu – Main Cast: Pei Xiao Ming
Showcasing spectacular martial arts feats, this excerpt is based on a story from Romance of the Three Kingdoms. For years, Liu Bei has been using a plot of borrowed land in Jingzhou province to train and house his troops and horses, with no intention of returning it. Zhou Yu thinks of a plan to seize the land back under the guise of helping Liu to conquer Xichuan province. However, his scheme is seen through by the brilliant Zhu Geliang, who lures Zhou to the gate of Chai San before surrounding his troops and defeating him.

Wu Dalang Peddling Pastries – Main Cast: Zhou Wen, Wei Guo
This excerpt is a wonderful showcase of the Martial Clown role in Cantonese Opera. Adapted from Water Margin, this story relates how Wu Song is reunited with his long-lost brother Wu Dalang. After Wu Song slays a ferocious tiger at Jingyang Ridge, he is made head constable in the county office. News of Wu Song’s tiger-slaying feat reaches the ears of Wu Dalang as he sets off to peddle his pastries and rushes off to meet his brother to bring him home.

Li Huiniang Meeting the Judge – Main Cast: Liang Miao Tong, Feng Bao Tong
During wartime, Li Huiniang and her father seek refuge in Hangzhou, where they earn their keep as street artists. The righteous Official Pei takes pity on them and gives them a treasured jade piece. But misfortune befalls Li when the tyrannical Court Official Jia forces her to be a songstress. One day, Jia and his songstresses visit the West Lake and run into Pei, and when Li compliments Pei, Jia is so incensed that he kills her and throws Pei in prison. Because of the injustice, Li’s soul is unable to move on to the afterworld, and she wanders aimlessly until she chances upon a righteous judge to whom she pours out her sorrows. She then receives a magic fan that enables her to return to the world of the living to save Pei.

Lin Chong’s Capture – Main Cast: Lu Zhi Peng
Adapted from the classic novel Water Margin, this story tells of Lin Chong’s journey, under armed escort, to the Kaifeng government office. Lin is on his way to exile at Cangzhou after having offended General Gao Qiu. During the journey, the two escorts, instigated by General Gao, try to kill Lin. They use numerous ways to torture him and just as they are about to deal the final blow, they reveal the real reason behind their brutal acts.