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Sat Mar 15 2014, 8:00pm

Where: Resorts World - Compass Ballroom , 8 Sentosa Gateway, Sentosa, Singapore

Restrictions: All ages

Ticket Information:

  • General Admission: $188.00
  • General Admission: $148.00
  • General Admission: $118.00
  • General Admission: $88.00
  • Additional fees may apply

Hong Kong pop trio Grasshopper, is back in town with the "Grasshopper's Glamour On Stage" concert after taking home the Honorary Award at the recent Singapore Hit Awards (SHA) 2013 held in November! After successful tours in Macau, Canada and North America, the trio, consisting of Edmond So (蘇志威), and brothers Remus Choy (蔡一杰) and Calvin Choy (蔡一智), is ready to bring their hit concert to the Compass Ballroom, Resorts World Sentosa on the 15th of March 2014!

One of the main highlights of the concert is the glamorous costumes worn by Grasshopper and their dancers, which was meticulously designed by none other than the trio's own Calvin. Each costume is a representation of Grasshopper's personality, ranging from sexy to energetic. Besides new costumes that were specially designed for the concert, "Grasshopper's Glamour On Stage" also boasts a fresh new set of dance choreography and music arrangement. Performances by the hit trio are reputed to be truly lively and energetic and fans will not be disappointed by the sheer enthusiasm and dedication that Grasshopper for their choreography.

To complement the glamorous costumes and choreography, "Grasshopper's Glamour On Stage" will also feature a fantastic stage set-up. Audience members are sure to be dazzled by the shiny and gorgeous stage decorations and amazing lighting effects. Lovers of both classic and newer hits by Grasshopper can expect to be entertained by the trio's diverse performance. Whether you wish to relive the oldies with Grasshopper's classic hits, such as "宝贝对不起" and "失恋阵线联盟", or rock out to their newly-released upbeat and energetic hit, "放假啦" composed by Remus, this show promises to satisfy all your music cravings.

经过近两年的筹备, 荣获新加坡金曲奖《流行乐坛荣誉奖》的草蜢将浑身解数, 在《草蜢华丽舞台演唱会2014》中带给歌迷全新的感受, 让他们惊艳、震撼、感动和共鸣。

草蜢服饰向来前卫大胆, 设计每每都与歌曲的风格和舞步相互配合. 这次为了配合演唱会的主题, 蔡一智花尽心思, 为团队设计了许多闪亮、性感、高贵的服饰来突出草蜢的舞台魅力、个性和活力. 其多变的舞台服装务必让歌迷目不转睛, 忙于欣赏偶像的新造型. 除了演唱大家熟悉的华、粤歌曲外, 蔡一杰还特地为演唱会创作了广东新歌《放假啦》, 让演唱会更添新意. 出道至今, 唱红了无数经典歌曲如《宝贝对不起》、《半点心》、《失恋联盟阵线》等的草蜢, 为了让这些经典歌曲能给歌迷朋友们耳目一新的感觉, 将会从新编曲, 注入更多流行元素, 鼓动大家沸腾的心. 热辣的舞曲当然少不了劲爆舞步的配合才能嗨翻天, 全新的编曲当然需要歌迷不曾看过的编舞才能有脱胎换骨的表演. 这种贯彻的改变, 就是要让大家随歌起舞开派对.

视觉是这演唱会的卖点, 绚丽是它的灵魂. 有了亮眼的歌曲、舞蹈、服装、歌唱, 当然要有闪闪的舞台设计及变化多端、超晶亮的舞台灯光效果来配合, 才能称得上"华丽舞台演唱会". 活蹦蹦的草蜢, 活力四射的演唱会, 充满热情的你, 这将是明年最火爆的演唱会.