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''Praying Mantis''


Fri Oct 25 2013, 8:00pm
Sat Oct 26 2013, 8:00pm

Where: Esplanade Theatre, 1 Esplanade Drive, Marina Bay, Singapore

Restrictions: All ages

Ticket Information:

  • VIP Box: $95.00
  • Standard: $65.00
  • Standard: $45.00
  • Standard: $25.00
  • Additional fees may apply

Live encounter: Theatre – Dance, Contemporary Video Art, New Technologies

“Praying Mantis” is a contemporary dance and video art play that tells the story of Cloe a lost kid in the middle of the Bolivian Salt Desert at night, is going to dying, but a group of Praying mantises will save her life keeping her awake with their dance and music.

The only physical presence on stage are the dancers whom as they move, become something else. We pretend to show and make you feel the presence of what you do not see but joins us all the time.

Vision of the Dance uses digital settings, ephemeral, as special effects, light, video art all portable in a memory because we defend clean technologies and follow policies of environmental protection.

Cloe is lost in the middle of the desert, her mum Eva goes out looking for her. Mother instinct detects danger and death during her desperate search.

In this very moment we hear a dialogue between two different beings, Cloe and Albin, a white almost celestial creature, a praying mantis. Cloe and Albin look at each other in silence, time has stopped. All of a sudden, Albin starts a dynamic play with white atoms that move. Cloe smiles. She is completely awake and fascinated by this creature that keeps her entertained. The rest of the group of mantis will appear.

When two worlds cross there is a superior energy that transcends, there are crossing borders. Communication occurs between human and insect worlds.

Cloe dreams her mother is dancing a beautiful pas à trois with two praying mantis, Albin and Greta, a green mantis. Mantises are helping Eva to find Cloe.

The group of praying mantis will start a ritual, the seduction dance before the death and before eating the pray. Praying mantises show their survival practices.

An apotheosis Army of Praying Mantis will deploy in the desert.

Notes Of The Play
This play is about the greatness of small things. It talks about the ability to feel and create feelings.

The performance represents the importance of the coexistence of three different elements: humanity, the animal kingdom and nature. Cloe represents humans. The landscape represents nature. The Praying Mantises represent little animals which can do big things and they may have an essential role in the balance of biodiversity.

The praying mantises are insects with a very special appearance: they are very attractive, their gaze is very human and their eyes are very big. They master the art of hunting with beautiful movements that have inspired martial arts and chi king meditation. Ancient Egyptians, ancient Greeks and first Christians thought of the praying mantis as a symbol of prophecy and prediction. Praying mantis would help travelers find the right path and stay away from danger. In Africa the praying mantis was the god of the Bushmen. They were considered to have the power of creativity and protection.